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The Rural Youth Clubs are made up of members and are the core of the Organisation, they are spread throughout the State and open to any person between 15 and 30 years.

Rural Youth Board

The Rural Youth Board is made up of current members plus three past members who are located throughout the State. The Board is responsible for managing the strategic plan, assets of the Organisation, the Agfest Committee, managing the financial relationship between the Organisation and Agfest, the coordination and employment of staff, and settlement of disputes.


State Advisory Committee

The State Advisory Committee comprises of past members who have been in the State President or Agfest Chairman role or are Life Members or Service Awardees. Chiefly responsible for providing advice on Consitutional changes prior to AGM and being called on for general advice where necessary.

AGFEST Committee

The Agfest Committee is set up primarily to organsie and coordinate the AGFEST event, Tasmania's annaul Agricultural Field Days. The Committee consists of current and past Rural Youth members.