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Clay Target Shooting has been introduced to give Rural Youth members a greater and more varied participation in the things that farmers and sporting persons do as an everyday part of life. The rules set out below are to be absolutely adhered to and will be strictly supervised by the judges and Competitions Director. Because of the safety necessary, failure to comply with the rules will result in disqualification.

The Competition

  1. All members participating must hold a current Firearms License, which must be produced on entering or disqualification will result.
  2. Misuse or unsafe use of firearms will result in immediate disqualification by the Competitions Director or his/her nominee or gun club officials and required to leave the event.
  3. All persons attending and/or taking part in the competition do so at their own risk.
  4. Competitors must have handled a firearm and have knowledge of its safety.
  5. Targets will be supplied and will be standard international clay targets.
  6. Regions will conduct eliminations to select five (5) shooters per region
  7. Each club may have any number of representatives in the regional final.
  8. The weapon to be used must be a shotgun, with a maximum bire of 12 gauge.
  9. Competitors will shoot at ten targets.
    1. Two shots will be allowed for at the first five targets.
    2. Only one shot will be allowed at the second target.
    3. 10 points will be awarded for any target hit.
  10. Weapons are not to be handled while other shooting is in progress and the weapons are not to be loaded until requested by judges or Competitions Director. Single shot and double barrel guns must be broken and automatics or pump actions unloaded when a competitor faces the crowd. Disqualification will result if this rule is not adhered to.
  11. Ammunition will be of the contestants own choice and supplied by the contestant. Shot heavier than No. 6 will not be allowed.
  12. All spectators an contestants will remain at least ten (10) feet behind those shooting.
  13. The judges decision will be final and there will be an independent scorer.
  14. The judges decision will be final and there will be an independent scorer.
  15. The winner will be judged by a points system.
  16. The weapons used must be checked by judges before the commencement of competition
  17. TRAP HOUSE is to be either:
    1. A recognised competition Trap House.
    2. ΒΌ" sheet of steel plate or a bunker of 8 inches of sand between two sets of one inch boards.
  18. Target will be released when the competitor uses the word "pull"
  19. The trap operator must have a red flag. If this flag is protruding from the Trap House at any time, shooting will cease immediately and rule #10 will apply.
  20. In case of a tie, results will be established by a sudden death play off.