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Each has club the opportunity to write and produce a play or skit.

This is a group competition with entries from clubs. It should essentially be a fun competition to develop members self-confidence and entertain an audience. A skit or musical is suggested.

  1. Any affiliated club may enter. All members from the club should be registered with the rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania Inc.
  2. There is no limit to the number of people who may be in each entry.
  3. The time limits shall be:
    1. 5 minutes to set up on stage 20 minutes maximum on stage
    2. minutes to clear stage of 30 minutes
  4. All props, music and lighting must be supplied by the club.
  5. Regions should conduct eliminations to put forward a winner to the state.


Acting 45
Production 20
Stage Presentation 10
Endeavour, originality and attainment 25