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Not all members live or work on farms, in many instances the only thing members have in common is that they are young people interested in developing themselves and others.

The Member

That's YOU!!! You are the base of the entire organisation. Without you, the entire organisation would not exist. Over 200 members in Tasmania are just waiting to get to know YOU. You may be shy or outgoing; a leader or a follower; a farmer or mechanic, shop assistant or teacher; - whatever you are, there is a place for you in Rural Youth.

The Club

Each member joins a club by paying an affordable membership fee, set annually.

Clubs are self-governing. They elect their own office bearers, manage their own affairs and choose their own programs of activities. Each Club is different. It may be formal or informal, it may be as few as eight members or as many as fifty.
Clubs work because people enjoy achieving things with others, and there are many things that can only be done as a group.