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Team Members

Ella Coad
Liam Woolford & Thomas Knott
Co Vice Presidents
Finn Stanley
Brianna Hansson

As a club we are primarily based south of Hobart and love getting out to our local community events and venues. We do this by volunteering at the Huon Agricultural Show every year with our Animal Nursery, Dog High Jump and Ute Competition. We also strive to be part of a variety of activities, from fundraising, competitions, helping out within the community, interclub activities, training courses, 4WD and not to mention Agfest. 

If you have any questions about the Kingborough-Huon Rural Youth Club, or would like to become a member, please feel free to contact our club by emailing or check us out on Facebook; Kingborough-Huon Rural Youth

If you would like to come along to a meeting or social event don't be worried about walking in alone, we love seeing fresh faces and usually love to pop out to one of our many local pubs to socialise before and after meetings

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