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The Mannequin is an innovative fashion parade, displaying the talents of 6 mannequins and one compare.

The mannequin Parade is designed not only to show off clothing, grooming and poise, but also give competitors confidence if front of an audience. This is a club competition.

Teams should spend sufficient time parading to allow judging. Consider the team as a whole when selecting garments. The clothes should tone rather than clash when the team is together. Teams may like to have an overall theme. This competition is deliberately open to allow creativity.

Clothes may be the members own, or from stores, although it should not be considered as a promotion for particular stores, (Brand names, labels or store names may be used as par of commentary).

  1. Any affiliated club may enter. All members in the club team must be registered members of the Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania Inc.
  2. Teams shall comprise of six (6) mannequins (a minimum of two males or females, e.g, 4 males and 2 females); plus a compere, sound coordinator and a maximum of 2 backstage workers. A total of 10 members.
  3. Time allotted shall be Minimum of fifteen (15) minutes- to a maximum of thirty (30) minutes. This includes setting up time. A catwalk and microphone would be provided by the organising committee.
  4. Teams should provide their own music and any props which must be off stage and not to be included in the overall score.
  5. Regional eliminations should be conducted with the winners going forward to the State Final.
  6. The judges decision will be final.



Poise & deportment 40 points
Grooming 25 points
Clothes Sense 25 points
Accessories 10 points

100 points x 6 = 600


Voice & Speech 30 points
Poise & Personally 20 points
Originality 20 points
Description (ability to create overall atmosphere) 30 points

100 points total = 100

Team Presentation 100 points total = 100


NB: Catwalk should be preferably 'T' shape (even if it is only carpet laid out on the floor to give direction to the parade).