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Posted on Sep 28, 2017

On Saturday, the 23rd September, Rural Youth Tasmania held the 2017 Young Farmer of the Year Competition at Quercus Park. Nine finalists battled it out for the title.


The competitors completed modules including Farm Finance, Seed Identification, First Aid, and Beef Judging, amongst others. During the Young Farmer Dinner that evening, the competitors completed their final module, debating.  They worked in two teams, debating two very interesting topics –

· Non-conventional agricultural practices are more viable (financially and environmentally) in the long term than conventional practices, and

· Females working in agriculture deserve equal pay to men


The final scores were tallied and checked multiple times, due to it being a very close competition between the first three places. 

Results as follows:

Peter Damen - 2017 Young Farmer of the Year 

Andrea Craigie – 2nd place

Matthew Bayles – 3rd place


Congratulations to Peter Damen, an organic farmer from Kindred, who has taken out the title after four years of competing.


Will Baxter was the first non-Rural Youth member to compete in this event, after the competition was opened up to the public this year. We hope to see more non-Rural Youth members join the competition in future years.


Rural Youth Tasmania would like to thank all our valuable sponsors - Polaris, Allgoods, Tasweld, Oregon, and ProSkill Australia. Without their continued support and contribution, this event would not happen.