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Posted on Aug 09, 2017

On the 25th of June six study tour applicants gathered ready to put all their mite in to earning a study tour for 2018. We started the day by heading out on a tour at Armidale stud, just near Carrick. There we listen to Robyn Wishsaw speak about the history of Armidale over the past 100 year or 4 generations. The stud is now operating as a farm as well with half income coming from crop farming and half from the horse stud. We were also informed that when they are selling a horse at sales the horse requires a vet check and a full set of x-rays, consisting of 42 x-rays and costing $1000.

After learning about horse farming it was back to Quercus where the remainder of the selection day was happening. We were then presented with the demonstrations from each applicant. We saw fire turning, icing a cake, cooking quinoa, glasses, cutting a chook up and beef cattle presentation.

Applicants then wrote a report of their visit to Armidale as if they were writing one for the newsletter. They also had a quiz to complete and interview with the judges on the topics of Rural Youth, general knowledge and agriculture. Then it was the deliberation time for the judges and they has a tough time to decide. Eventually they were able to come to a very tough decision and would like to congratulate all for applying, just because you missed out on an exchange this year – please don’t be disheartened and apply again next year.

The study tour recipients were announced at State Ball on Saturday evening in Launceston. Congratulations to the 2018 study tour winners:

Ethan Williams – Canada

Nicole Elliott – USA

Peter Damen – UK

Lucy Bain – Young Endeavour

Renee Latham – Self nominated (Jillaroo course)

Once again, congratulations on receiving your study tours.



Study Tours Coordinator