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Posted on Sep 30, 2017

Wow what an amazing 9 weeks it has been!! I absolutely loved Switzerland and am so appreciative to Rural Youth and Betta Milk for this opportunity. I highly recommend that any members that are thinking of going on exchange to definitely do so - it is a once in a life time opportunity to experience first hand the culture and agriculture of a different country, an experience no other tourist would be able to achieve.

It is so hard to just think of one highlight from my trip because every day I learnt or experienced something new but I loved that all the families that I stayed with were so welcoming and involved me in their everyday lives and we built a relationship that will last a lifetime. With every family I got to see so many different areas of Switzerland and what they are known for, from milking sheep and goats to hiking the alps 3000 meters above sea level to bottling honey, cheese making, the list goes on. I loved every moment of this life changing experience it was so very different to home but it was great to be able to bring some ideas back with me but also share some with my host families over there as well.

Thank you !!