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Posted on Mar 10, 2017

Welcome to March!

Agfest preparations are in overdrive as we countdown to the event!  It will seem like standing room only at Quercus on March 18 as line marking, committee photos, contractors debriefing to name a few are all happening that day.  Working bees are also coming up – if you find yourself with some time to spare, don’t be shy – give Kate a call and come along and join the team.

Talking of Quercus, we are very fortunate to have Ian Townsend from Incitec Pivot Fertilizer and the guys from Earley Spreading in Deloraine donate their product and labour respectively to improve the grass coverage on the static site.  Thank you for this support!  A note of appreciation is included in this newsletter, but we would also encourage members to support those who support us, if and when appropriate.

AGM is on the 4th of March at the Bellerive Yacht Club starting at 10am.  In addition to elections, topics for discussion and decision will include the draft strategic plan and also the proposed new structure for the organisation.  Everyone is welcome – come along and have your say.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Q & A session on February 9 – there was some great discussion and quite a few laughs and a bit of fun!  More importantly we got to hear about how you, as members would like to see Rural Youth work in the future.  It will be good to hear what others think at AGM.

Initiations are out for the official launch of the Young Agricultural Professionals Network (YAPN) on March 24.  This joint initiative with Tasmanian Women in Agriculture is aimed at those currently working and/or studying in the sector who want to develop networks within the industry and increase their knowledge and skill base through the activities and opportunities this group will offer.  Positions within the Committee are being filled and YAPN, like our other Clubs will become a regular feature in the newsletter in coming months.

Finally, a quick note of thanks to Paul Bennett, who has completed his term and chaired his last RAC meeting on February 21!  To say he has gone above and beyond during his term would be an understatement and personally I am extremely grateful for the support he has given me during this time.  Your honesty, support, grumpiness and words of wisdom will be missed!  Thank you seems really inadequate Paul – “just sayin’’!!