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Posted on Dec 18, 2015

King Island Rural Youth Takes Off!

Thursday, December 10 saw the AGM of the Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania’s newest club, King Island Rural Youth.

After months of hard work behind the scenes, the club was unveiled at the King Island Club for its first ever AGM. Eight members signed up on the evening for the 2016 year, with the club expecting more members to sign up after the festive break.

Josh Taylor, of King Island was on the night voted in as the clubs first ever president. Prior to the AGM, he had been the main player in the establishment of the club after identifying the large benefits that having a Rural Youth club could bring to the King Island community, both young and old. He this week spoke of the Island’s dedication to the new clubs establishment,

“The community of King Island have been an amazing support of this endeavour and it’s those same supporters who will make King Island Rural Youth succeed and thrive”

Rural Youth’s North West Region President, Jake Williams and former Agfest Chairman, Amanda Bayles both travelled to King Island to help with AGM proceedings and to welcome new members to the organisation, both agreed that it was a great evening and the future is exciting with Bayles suggesting,

                “It has been great travelling across to Currie to spend a night with fellow Rural Youth members and we are excited that the journey may happen more often in the times ahead”

Other office bearers voted in on the evening were Josie Wright as Vice President, Chloe Watson as secretary and Paige Williams as Treasurer.

It is hoped that the establishment of the club will help to reduce current travel barriers and that members of Rural Youth will be able to access discounted travel expenses in both directions, increasing productivity on the Island.

The Club hope to continue public awareness about their establishment in the coming months by having presence at the Festival of King Island. Club meetings will be on the second Thursday of each month at a venue to be confirmed.

New members of King Island Rural Youth will soon have access to arguably the Tasmania’s best youth prosperity organisation. Initially interest in the club expansion came on the back of the Rural Youth Young Farmer of the Year competition, which in 2015 had a prize pool of over $30000, with winner Will McConnon taking home a new Polaris ATV. They will join members of 16 other active clubs across the state, that all work to deliver one of the country’s best field days, Agfest, each May. Members also have the chance to travel the world through Rural Youth’s Study Tour Program or learn new skills through the vast training programs offered to members.

Rural Youth is an organisation open to any person from any background aged 15-30. For more information on Rural Youth, visit

For more information on the King Island Rural Youth AGM, contact Josh Taylor on 0419 987 791, Chloe Watson on 0429 621 592 or the Rural Youth Head Office on 6331 6154.