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Posted on Apr 18, 2017

Thank you to all who attended the AGM on the 4th of March, it was a great day. I am particularly proud to say that both the strategic plan and organisation restructure were endorsed and work has now begun to make sure they are successfully implemented.  Congratulations to all who were elected to roles.  Ashley Evans, was returned as State President, Jake Williams (Snr VP), Josh Taylor (Jnr VP) and Sarah Revell (Finance Director).  Jake, Josh, Dale Hayers, Nicole Elliott and Anthony Franklin were also elected to take up positions on the Resource Allocation Committee.  Taylor Montgomery will also be joining RAC as Sarah was already there in her capacity as Agfest Treasurer. I would also like to pay tribute to Helen Geard and Al Downie, who acted as our Independent Chair and Scrutineer respectively, thank you for continuing to give up your time and support our organisation, it is greatly appreciated.

Everyone who has taken on roles have done so knowing that there is much to be done in the next few months and that new elections will be held once the new Constitution and structure comes in. We are planning to hold a Special General Meeting in early July to make this happen. There is much enthusiasm around these changes and you will continue to be updated as time goes on.

Karen Robinson

General Manager


A big thank-you to the members who voted me in as State President once again. I’m very proud of the position and will endeavour to do the best job I can for the organisation. Congratulations to everyone who was voted in as a representative on state council and to those who have taken on state executive positions:

Senior VP – Jake Williams
Junior VP – Josh Taylor
Treasurer – Sarah Revell
General committee – Bree House, Ethan Williams, Nicole Elliot and Jacqui Hodgkinson

The next three months are going to be busy as we work to implement the new structure. It was passed unanimously, along with the strategic plan at the state AGM. This means going to a board system and making the processes within the organisation much more efficient. We will be holding an SGM on 8July to vote in the new board, therefore all current state positions are interim. This does not mean that all the things you love about the organisation will be put on hold. We have three jam-packed months ahead, including the Young Farmer competition and State Ball, which will be here before you know it.

Ashley Evans

Rural Youth State President