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Posted on Apr 16, 2015

This weekend, Rural Youth State President Prue Dennis sets off for 6 weeks in the UK as part of the Rural Youth Study Tours Program.

Miss Dennis, 24 of Cressy, who in February took over as State President of Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania, was one of a number of organisational members won the study tours in July 2014. She will be the only member to travel international in 2015, with other members taking part in local exchange programs such as self-nominated training on the mainland and the Young Endeavour program.

She will spend time between England and Northern Ireland boarding, traveling and working with members of Young Farmers and Junior Farmers Organisations in the prospective countries. She will report back to Rural Youth on her experiences during the trip. Dennis is looking forward to the coming weeks saying, “I’m pretty nervous and excited all at the same time, but I’m really looking forward to the connections to be made.”

As part of the Rural Youth Study Tours Program, next week also sees the arrival of the latest exchangee to arrive in Tasmania. On March 29th Angharad Thomas, 24, from Wrexham in Wales arrives in Tasmania. Like Miss Dennis, she will be spending 6 weeks in Tasmania boarding with members of Rural Youth. She will spend time all around the state and a week volunteering with other Rural Youth Members at the states premier field days, AGFEST, being held on May 7-9 at Quercus Park Carrick.

Former Rural Youth State President and exchangee host Simone Hayers, says this is an exciting time for the whole organisation; “The study tours program gives members the opportunity to show off both their homes and workplaces, but to also show off this great state to international visitors.”

The Hayers family has been involved with the Rural Youth exchange program for the past 6 years and Miss Hayers adds;  “The friendships made between families across the world through the program last eternally, especially in this day and age where worldwide communication is so easy.”

Every year as part of the Rural Youth Study Tours program members are invited to attend a selection day in which they have the chance to win study tours for up to 6 months to countries including Canada, America, the UK and Switzerland as well as many locations and events inside Australia. For more information on this program and ways in which to get involved with Rural Youth and AGFEST Field Days, visit