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Posted on Aug 10, 2017

I’d like to begin by thanking Rural Youth members for the opportunity to continue as State President. I am excited to see what we can achieve as an organisation over the next 12 months as we work together implementing the new structure and constitution. Both of which were passed unanimously at the SGM. We can be very proud of what we have achieved so far. Looking through our strategic plan we are well on the way to ticking all the boxes before we embark on the next stage. As well as implementing the new structure, we are tackling safety head on and we are ensuring Rural Youth is an organisation that provides something for every member, all the way from 15 to 30.


The inaugural board has a big job ahead of it. Joining me on the team is Jake Williams as Senior VP and Owen Woolley as Agfest Chairman/Junior VP as well as Ethan Williams, Breeanna House, Josh Taylor, Dale Hayers, William Craigie and Matthew Tattersall as board members. Three advisory members make up the total voting board. The board is purely strategic, looking at the big picture ideas that will help keep Rural Youth current. They will also oversee and support the operational directors who are working on the ground to provide great activities and benefits for members. At the first board meeting Sarah Revell was voted in as the Rural Youth Treasurer, a position that is not open unless a member submits a specific request outlining their passion and plans for the role. Whilst most of the operational roles were filled, there are still some positions vacant. If you are interested in leadership and training or communications and media then please submit your application before 14 August. Operational directors will be announced after the next board meeting.


Northern Region did an amazing job planning and putting on the State Ball at Penny Royal. It was a great night to recognise the achievements of our members, with Top Club, Study Tours, Outstanding Member and Best New Member all being presented on the night. Congratulations to everyone who walked away with an award and congratulations to those who put themselves forward. As most of you may know, unfortunately 3 members put a dampener on the evening with their behaviour but I want to reinforce to everyone who was there that night and all other members that the behaviour of a few does not represent the entire organisation. Many members have approached me worried about this issue tarnishing our reputation, which we are working so hard to improve. There may be times when we hit a bump in the road but all the great things we do and achieve far outweigh these bumps. I can assure you that the board takes these matters very seriously and we are working together to fix our current problem and make sure this doesn’t happen again. We are following the constitution to ensure a fair process and we ask that members help us by not exasperating the situation through gossip and rumours.


With one meeting down and eleven to go I am keen to move forward with our ideas. In particular I would like to see developments at Quercus go ahead our community involvement expand. If you have any ideas you want on the agenda please send it through to myself or head office, or you can come along to a meeting as a guest. We’re always looking for new and exciting ideas.