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Posted on Jul 07, 2017

The months are flying by! Rural Youth is keeping busy organising and putting on great events and training for members. Just this past weekend our Junior VP, Josh along with the Carrick Fire Brigade organised and facilitated the RY Fire Games. It was a great day, with 3 teams competing for the title. We had a blast making our way through the 5 activities the brigade had set out for us. It would be fantastic to see more members support these days and join in on the fun.

Coming up on the 24th of June we have the runoff for the 2017 Young Farmer competition. We have opened the competition to non-Rural Youth members. This year we will be holding the runoff in one place at ‘Greenvale’ in Cressy to make sure we get everything just right but people will still be competing within their regions. Top 3 members and non-members from each region will make it through to the final, giving us 18 state finalists. There is a strong emphasis on practical modules this year, with animal and cropping industries covered but that is all I can say!

In only a couple weeks the big day will be here. All our hard work will pay off as we hold our SGM on July 8th from 9am to bring in the new structure and constitution. All past and present members are welcome. To celebrate our efforts, we are throwing a party that night at the Quercus Function Centre. We’ll be providing food, drink (to purchase), games and music so keep an eye out for the invitation as it is set to be a night to remember.

Clubs are going strong with renewed interest in both Tasman and Tamar putting them back on the map. It is great to see members taking the leap and putting their hand up for positions within clubs to ensure they stay alive.

Good luck to Marty McConnon, who is heading to New Zealand in only a couple weeks to compete in the inaugural ‘Trans-Tasman Contest’ as the 2016 Young Farmer winner. He will compete against the NZ Young Farmer winner, Athol in many different modules aimed at testing his agriculture knowledge and skills. We can’t wait to see how he goes.