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Posted on Jun 29, 2017

I attended TFGA Cereal and Seeds Committee on 11th April 2017

Issues discussed were power poles, firearms, deer for human consumption, exotic animal importations, machinery operation ban, bio-security, moisture standards and pollination issues seed crops.

Power poles with private pole stickers on them will require replacing soon by land owners. Replacement costs for farmers will be around $10,000 per pole plus wire costs. TFGA will be consulting with Government and Tas Networks to see if this is legal move as no contracts were signed with land owners.

Firearms are being confiscated due to appearance. TFGA is unable to do anything about it as Tasmania Police have written the laws already and do not intend on changing them. Any firearm that replicates/appears like an automatic firearm is being targeted. This includes barrel and magazine shrouds, pistol grip stock and skeleton but stocks. Several bolt action rifles have already been confiscated around the state.

TFGA is staying neutral on farmers being able to sell deer to butchers for human consumption as some farmers are against this proposal. The reason they are against it is because some farmers can make good money renting their land to hunting groups.

Some new species of predatory animals were imported into the state including different tigers. TFGA objected to this but the animals were imported regardless.

New machinery operations ban was a success during total fire ban days.

Bejo seeds gave a presentation on the costs of pollination for hybrid carrot crops. Costs are rising rapidly and they are paying bee keepers a lot of money per ha for pollination. Insecticides are killing a lot of the natural pollinators and they want to work with farmers to reduce chemical usage.

Accepted grain moisture of 12.5% was discussed and flagged as too low of a standard for Tasmania and TFGA wants to work on raising this to 13-13.5%.

There were other minor details discussed but these were the main topics

Regards ,

Peter Damen