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Posted on Oct 01, 2019

(L-R) Ethan Williams (Agfest Chairman 2020), Jake Williams (Rural Youth Tasmania State President 2019/2020)

Saturday the 21st September saw North West coast twins Jake Williams elected as Rural Youth Tasmania State President for 2019/20, and Ethan Williams as Chairman for Agfest 2020. Both brothers have stepped up from being Vice President and Vice Chairman respectively, and have solid plans for the year ahead.

 New Rural Youth Tasmania State President Jake Williams has been in the organisation since 2012 and has long aspired to be State President. He said “from when I first took on senior roles within Rural Youth State Council, I knew I would one day aspire to be State President.” Over his term Mr Williams hopes to “lead and mentor the membership base to take on bigger things within their lives whether that be Rural Youth, Agfest, or other organisations.  I would like to see them pursue their goals within life and make everything of it”.

New Agfest Chairman Ethan Williams has long known he one day wanted to lead the event. Mr Williams says “I have for a while now aspired to take on the role. The event has always played an important part in my life. I look forward to the challenges the role presents and hope to build on the success of previous Agfests”. Mr Williams also acknowledges “the excellent opportunity for personal development the role will provide outside of Agfest and in his career”.

 Despite the new Agfest committee only just being elected Mr Williams has already brought the team together where “the clear vision for the 2020 event is to strive for increased interstate visitors”. Media and Promotions Manager Dylan Bellchambers believes “Agfest is already really well loved by Tasmanians and as Tasmania’s Premier Field Day event we hope we can share that with more interstate visitors. We are really well positioned with Tasmania fast becoming, if not already, the tourist destination for Australians. I feel there is much to be gained making the trip, engaging with our unique industries and exquisite produce and food on display at Agfest”.

 The full Agfest 2020 Leadership Team consists of:

Chairman – Ethan Williams;
Vice Chairman – Breeanna Bisset;
Operations Manager – Matthew Wadley;
Media and Promotions Manager – Dylan Bellchambers;
Exhibitor Manager – Rhys Mills;
Safety and Compliance Manager – Jacqueline Hodgkinson;
Security Manager – Owen Woolley;
Features Manager – Ashley Evans;
Rural Youth State President – Jake Williams;
Rural Youth Member – Caitlin Radford.

Outgoing Chairman, now Security Manager Owen Woolley “wanted to be on the leadership team to help support Ethan in taking on the role as Chairman but also help the younger members in the leadership team going forward. Main thing for me being on the team is to provide support, guide and pass down the knowledge and experience to the younger ones to help them develop in their roles and as leaders of the event.”


Agfest Leadership Team (L-R) Front: Dylan Bellchambers, Owen Woolley. Back: Rhys Mills, Ashley Evans, Matthew Wadley, Ethan Williams, Jake Williams, Caitlin Radford & Jacqueline Hodgkinson. Absent: Breeanna Bisset.

The 2019-20 Rural Youth Board of Directors consists of:

State President - Jake Williams
Vice President – Ashleigh Reynolds
Board Directors:Ashley Evans;
Owen Woolley;
Dylan Bellchambers;
Brady Robins;
Dale Hayers.

 Caitlin Radford was elected as Rural Youth Member to the Agfest Leadership team and is quickly becoming a highly active member after joining in November 2018. Miss Radford said, “after completing my first Agfest this year in which I was a volunteer in the equine arena it was just the best time ever.” Miss Radford had only missed one Agfest since she was born but never as an event volunteer.  She said “Rural Youth and agriculture is something I am super passionate about and I really would like to keep working my way up within the organisation.  This position is the perfect first opportunity to get my foot in the door and learn about what goes on behind the scenes especially Agfest and helping that to become a bigger event and recognised more nationally and internationally.”

Caitlin has strong aspirations in Rural Youth “I definitely see myself one day as Rural Youth State President and also Agfest Chair one day. I feel I have a lot to offer this organisation and I am only 20 so I have plenty of time to learn about it and really give it my all and do the best I can.”

Rural Youth Board 2019-20 (L-R) Front: Dylan Bellchambers, Owen Woolley, Ashleigh Reynolds. Back: Brady Robins, Ashley Evans, Ethan Williams, Jake Williams & Dale Hayers.