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Posted on Jul 15, 2015

This weekend sees the return of the Rural Youth Tasmania's biggest annual competition, with run offs for the Young Farmer of the Year being held in three locations state-wide.

Increased sponsorship from many generous compaines over recent years have seen winners of the event take home over $10,000 worth of cash and prizes, with a total prize pool for the Top 15 competitors approaching $30,000. Some of these prizes have included ATV's, Chainswas, Welders and tickets to concerts at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena.

The runoff stage of the competition sees competitors complete a series of point scoring modules. Such modules have previously been in fields such as stock, fruit, seed identification, cooking, finance and safety. The three top scoring competitors from each region automatically go through to the finals, whilst the following top six scoring competitors will round out a Top 15 that will go through to the finals, to be held at Quercus Rural Youth Park, Carrick on Saturday September 12th. A formal dinner annoucing the winners will be held in the evening.

Members of the public are encouraged to either sign up and join Rural Youth over the weekend at your local runoff or join this week prior to the runoff, with competition organiser Amanda Bayles suggesting individuals from any background, country or city, will have the chance to make it to the Top 15 finalists. "The run off stage is purely about having some fun and testing your knowledge... the modules can be challenging, but everyone always scores lots of points.. the finals are where the competition heats up!".

This suggestion is evidenced by previous finalists and winners that have included university students, truck drivers, park rangers and even a plumber.

Locations for this weekend's runoffs are:

Region   When  Location  Contact
Southern Saturday 18th July
9.30am - 11.30am
 Sorell Farm School, 
Landcare Shed
Kate Coad
0409 295 158
Northern   Sunday 19th July
10am - 2pm
Quercus Rural Youth Park
Oaks Road, Carrick
Amanda Bayles
0439 985 166 
North West  Saturday 18th July
8am - 10am 
 131 Gawler Road, Gawler Jake Williams
0400 901 810 

For more information about joining up as a Rural Youth member so you can participate please contact or phone 6331 6154.