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Team Members

Renee Latham
Jake Williams
Vice President
Georgia Pearce
Ryan Langley

Next Meeting will be held on this Thursday 9th August at the China Gardens in Devonport at 700pm for tea, Meeting commencing at 8:00pm

North Motton RY meet once a month on the first Thrusday of the month. Meetings are held at 7:00 pm at the North Motton Hall unless otherwise advertised. Our next meeting is on Thursday 6th September at Furners for tea at 7pm and the meeting will commence at 8pm

For further info please call Renee Latham (Club President) on 0408 285 205 or Georgia Pearce (Club Secretary) on 0456 220 049. Anyone that is interested is welcome to attend.

Next Meeting

DATE: 21st of June 2018

VENUE: Contact President for more information.

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