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Rifle Shooting has been introduced to give Rural Youth members a greater and more varied participation in the things that farmers and sporting persons do as an everyday part of life. The rules set out below are to be absolutely adhered to and will be strictly supervised by the judges and Competitions Director. Because of the safety necessary, failure to comply with the rules will result in a disqualification.

The Competition

2 sections male and female and the rules apply to both sections.

  1. All member participating must hold a current Gun Licence which must be produced on entering or disqualification will result.
  2. Misuse or unsafe use of firearms will result in immediate disqualification by the Competitions Director or his/her nominee or gun club officials and required to leave the event.
  3. All persons attending and/or taking part in the competition do so at their own risk.
  4. Competitors must have handled a firearms before and have knowledge on its safety.
  5. Targets will be supplied, and will be standard 5" international 50 metre targets.
  6. Regions will conduct eliminations to select a maximum of 5 male shooters and a maximum of 5 female shooters per Region.
  7. Each club may have any number of representatives in the regional Final.
  8. The weapon to be used must be a Point Twenty-Two (.22) calibre long rifle, and is to be supplied by the competitor.
  9. Competitors will shoot at three targets:
    • Section A - 50 metres, standing shot
    • Section B - 50 metres, kneeling shot
    • Section C – 50 metres, prone, rapid fire, 6 shots in 60 seconds. (ie Flat on the ground). All rifles should be lowered to the ground between shots in rapid fire.
  10. Sights may be used, but only up to size 4 x 40. Variable scopes will be checked and taped up in the one position by judges.
  11. Weapons are not to be handled while other shooting is in progress and the weapons bolt to be loaded until requested by Judges or Competitions Director.
  12. Competitors will have six (6) shots in each section n the State final.
  13. Ammunition will be the contestants own choice and to be supplied but the contestant and be .22 calibre long rifle bullets.
  14. All spectators and contestants will remain at least ten (10) feet behind those shooting.
  15. The judges decision will be final and there will be an independent scorer
  16. The winner will be judged by a points system.
  17. The weapons used must be checked by Judges before the commencement of competition, for safety reasons.


Safety and Technique 10 points (each section)

Bulls eye 10 points (each section)

Outer Circles 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points

It is recommended that all shooting run-offs and finals be held at a registered Gun Club with Gun Officials or members in attendance if possible.