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Ashley Evans - Rural Youth State President

Ashley is 26 years old and currently based in NW Tasmania. She is a passionate agriculture advocate, working with numerous programs and organisations to promote the industry and support those working in it. After graduating with a Bachelor of Agriculture from the University of Tasmania in 2012, she began working as a Project Officer for RM Consulting Group. She supports producers and businesses to increase efficiency and sustainability. Ashley also co-facilitates ‘Discover Agriculture’ each year; a 6-day annual program that takes students around Tasmania demonstrating the career opportunities within the industry. As well as various roles within Rural Youth, Ashley is also involved in Tasmanian Women in Agriculture

What Ashley loves most about Rural Youth? Rural Youth offers young people the chance to not only network and have a great time with other like-minded people but to also take advantage of some great opportunities to develop personally and professionally. The organisation has so much to offer, from training to overseas exchanges, Young Farmer of the Year competition, social events, farm tours and leadership opportunities. The best thing is you don’t have to be rural to be involved.

What Ashley plans to achieve in Rural Youth in the future? I want to help Rural Youth tell their story. So many people are unaware of the great opportunities the organisation has to offer. Keeping in mind, of course, that we always have to look into the future and develop as an organisation. One of these developments we are looking to achieve is the introduction of a group for young professionals working or interested in the agriculture industry to socialise and/or network. Exciting times ahead!


Ricky Edson - Rural Youth Senior Vice President

Ricky is 24 and lives in Northern Tasmania. He works as a mobile plant operator, operating crushing plants and screening plants.

What Ricky loves most about Rural Youth is the people you meet, the life skills you learn, and the opportunities that there are within the Organisation to travel.


Kat Cenin - Rural Youth Junior Vice President

Kat Cenin is 23 years old who lives in Deloraine. Growing up in south Tasmania, Kat was motivated to go to UTAS and study a Bachelor of Agriculture applied, after growing up on the family property and seeing the potential that young educated people have within the agriculture industries. Post completing her degree in 2015, Kat moved to the north of the state to take on a role as a plantations forester in the largest private forestry company in the state, Forico. Within this role, Kat is responsible for around 50,000Ha of both plantations and native forested ground, where she manages their production and conservation. Kat faces many challenges being the only female in her industry who is field based, as well as working remotely and close with communities at time; to help with this, Kat turned to Rural Youth to gain skills and knowledge around leadership, community involvement and personal development. Kat has been a member of Rural Youth since she was and is now part of the newly reformed Western Tiers Club, where she has help to get back up and running once again. Kat is also a member of Tas. Women in Agriculture in the Deloraine area.

What does Kat Love most about Rural Youth? Rural Youth has so many opportunities for young people in Tasmania, as well as its true community and family support networks. Rural Youth offers so much to young people - whether it be support, encouragement, development or anything else you want, there are people to help you out along the way, support your dreams and are there to celebrate with you in the end. Lasting friendships can be gained from Rural Youth, the networking opportunities are amazing - with some of Tasmania’s and Australia’s leading agriculturists having been involved with the organisation at one point in time or another. And not to forget, the great events Rural Youth holds, like Young Farmer, State Ball, inter club competitions, AGFEST Field Days and many more.

What Kat plants to achieve in Rural Youth in the future? For the future, Kat wants more people to become aware of what is involved with Rural Youth, and for the general public to see what the organisation has to offer, as well as helping more young people from isolated and urban areas to become aware of the amazing opportunities that Rural Youth offers, not only exchanges, scholarship and tours, but also the networking opportunities, and amazing relationships that can be formed within the organisation. Kat is looking forward to working with Rural Youth and its members to achieve her goals, but also the goal of the members and organisation; and hopes to one day have the opportunity to be a louder voice for the organisation.