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This competition is designed to be both entertaining and educational. It is an opportunity for member to develop skills in quick thinking, and to participate in a team competition.

Questions are designed to be of general interest to the participants and audience. Questions are not designed to trick or deceive the competitors.

  1. Club teams to consist of three members.
  2. Teams to elect a captain who shall sit in the middle place.
  3. A draw will be conducted to determine the opposing teams and the right to open the quiz.
  4. The Quizmaster's decision shall be final. The Quizmaster may confer with an over judge.
  5. An independent scorer shall be appointed.
  6. An independent timekeeper shall be appointed.
  7. Time: each person or team shall be allowed 10 seconds, from the end of the question to begin the answer.
  8. If in the opinion of the Quiz Master the person answering the question is assisted by another team member or by the audience, the Q. M. shall disallow the question and proceed to the opposing team with the next question.
  9. In each contest each member of the team shall receive three questions in each of the following sections:
    1. General Knowledge (sport, current affairs, etc.)
    2. Agriculture and Home Economics
    3. Rural Youth
      Inter-Club Quiz - 
      1 question to each member in each subject
      Regional Finals - 
      3 Questions to each member in each subject
      State Semi-Finals - 
      3 questions to each member in each subject
      State Finals - 
      4 questions to each member in each subject
  10. Order of Questions and Marking
    1. Correct answer the team member to whom the question is directed shall receive 4 marks.

      If incorrect, incomplete or unanswered, the question then goes to the next member of the team for 3 marks.If the second team member fails to answer the question correctly ie then goes to the third member of the team for 2 marks.

      If still unanswered, the Q. M. puts the question to the opposing team for a bonus mark (1 mark). The team may discuss the question (10 seconds) and the captain to give the answer.

    2. At the end of each section, a bonus question, to take the form of, who am I, or what am I, shall be given to both teams. Both teams shall have 30 seconds to discuss and complete the answer on paper, to be handed to QuizMaster. Value of correct answer - 5 points. If both teams correct, both receive 5 points.
  11. In the event of a club unable to field a full team in the Regional Competitions, vacancies may be filled from clubs within the region.
  12. Regional secretaries must notify the Competitions Director in writing, before the close of competitions entries, of the regional Quiz winners, (ie, name of Club, and the names of the 3 quiz members.) This club may also submit the name of one (1) club member to act as a reserve, but must obtain the approval of the competitions director before he/she can compete.

If the regional champion is still unable to compete in the finals, the regional runner-up will take their place.