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Training and development opportunities exist throughout the year, including:

  • Media training
  • Agricultural training. Eg. welding
  • Leadership
  • Various training weekends



Rural Youth Tasmania

Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Program 2018

In 2018 Rural Youth Tasmania are going to support two members of the Organisation to attend the Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Program in Geelong, Victoria. The course will run from 17 June to 22 June 2018. 

The Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Program commenced in 1992 and is recognised as one of the best and longest running rural leadership programs in the nation. It has developed a strong reputation in the agricultural and agribusiness sector, attracting support from a wide range of industry and rural community groups from a diverse regional background.

The industries represented include livestock grazing for meat and wool, broad acre summer and winter cropping, dairy production, poppy production, cotton production, horticulture, apiarists and agribusiness support agencies.

With an average of approximately 30 participants per course, there are in excess of 450 graduates from the Program across Australia. A number of these graduates are now representing their industries or rural communities at the decision making level in the board rooms of both community and industry groups.

The Program is an intense five-day workshop conducted on the Marcus Oldham College campus at Geelong,  in June each year.


To seek to develop the skills and knowledge of participants to enable them:

  • To undertake a leadership role in their industry or community
  • To competently represent their industry or community in decision making forums
  • To understand and address the issues facing rural industries and rural communities


  • To develop the leadership, communication and planning skills of individuals in the Program, through their participation in a process of self-discovery, skills training, knowledge building and team development
  • To provide opportunities for participants to network with keynote speakers from industry and the community

The Program

The five-day workshop involves facilitators who have both the training skills and empathy to understand the issues facing rural industry and rural communities, and industry background to assist in the development of solutions.

Training sessions include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Developing action plans
  • Leadership and team building
  • Rural health
  • Community leadership
  • Learning and communication
  • Understanding self and others
  • Negotiation

Formal dinners during the week provide the opportunity for the participants to hear and debate the views of keynote speakers on a range of issues, which have relevance for rural and regional Australia

A feature is the Leadership Program Industry Dinner. This Dinner, which involves the participants, our industry supporters and a number of invited industry guests to hear a keynote industry speaker, is a highlight of the Program.

 If you are interested in being selected to attend this course, please contact the Rural Youth Office for a nomination form and return to the Rural Youth Office by Friday 6th April 2018.


Graeme Tole was a wonderful asset to the Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania, he joined Westmorland Rural Youth in 1962 at 16 years of age.  He held the Presidency role of the club in 1965.

In 1966, he was declared President of Northern Region.  He became involved in Rural Youth Council from 1968 and continued his involvement, ending up as State President of Rural Youth in 1971/72. This saw the start of his connection with Advisory level.

In 1977, Graeme was presented a Life Membership of the Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania. He held positions on the Property Management Committee from 1988 until 2004.

Unfortunately, in 2004, he was involved in a farming incident and passed away.  Whilst grieving his passing, the idea formed for a Graeme Tole Memorial Award Presidents Prize, in honour of this great leader, mentor and enthusiast of Rural Youth. In 2009 this Memorial Award Prize was established, and the first recipient, Anthony Coad was announced.This prize naturally is of high standard, given the quality gentleman that it is honouring.

To be considered for this prize, nominees have to meet the following criteria;

 Been a member of the Organisation for at least 2 years.

A current financial Rural Youth member

Made continuous and notable contributions, leading to positive outcomes for the Organisation.

This will have included having taken on roles in at least one of the following**:

  • Rural Youth Board
  • Agfest Committee Leadership Team
  • Club Executive

** Or the equivalent under the previous structure.

Do you know of a member who meets the criteria above? If so, then they are eligible to be nominated for this prestigious award.

Please approach the member you wish to nominate prior to submitting their nomination, as part of the Award prize involves travelling to New Zealand in 2019!

Please contact Ashley Evans for further information or if you would like a nomination package posted or emailed to you 0409 316 158 or