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Team Members

Wendy McGlashan
Wendy McGlashan

Phone: 0488 666 365

Stuart Cresswell
Stuart Cresswell
Vice President
Kathryn Cresswell
Kathryn Cresswell
Joseph How
Joseph How

Western Tiers Rural Youth Club is situated in the foothills of the Great Western Tiers. The club was first started in 1992 and since then has become one of the biggest and best clubs in the state.

Members participate in the Tasmanian Craft Fair, the Deloraine and Chudleigh Shows, maintain the top roundabout in Deloraine and run many fun events such as the Annual Christmas in Winter Dinner or the infamous Halloween Party.

Meetings: Come to one of our meetings, first Tuesday of the month at the British Hotel, Deloraine at 7:00pm.
Join us for a meal or just the meeting.

Wheel Barrow Race

Shannon and Ellie finish fast to pip Kate and Janine at the line...

In support of the Chudleigh Show, Western Tiers have taken over the running of the Wheel Barrow race. Entries were up this year, with the Women's race proving to be the most exciting with a fast finish from local pairing Ellie and Shannon over a consistent team of Kate and Janine.

Western Tiers thank the following Sponsors for their support of this fun competition:

  • Wesley Dale
  • The British Hotel
  • The Deloraine Hotel

Basketball Challenge

Western Tiers handout a basketball lesson to the much overrated Dorset team.

Western Tiers reinstated their position as "champions of all sports" after treating to Dorset club to a demoralising 48 - 43 score line at the Scottsdale Rec Ground.

Much like the first challenge match it proved to be a tough and hard fought battle, with the occassional body clash and slight concussion. Star players for Dorset club were Scott "I Used To Play For The State" Auton and Heidi "The Hammer" Harper. Western Tiers were able to hold these star players at bay and proved that team work wins everytime (not to mention some handy three point shooting, go Ellie and Gumpy!).

The game was followed by presentation of the trophy (donated by the Bush Inn) at Lloyds Hotel.

Western Tiers thank Dorset club for hosting a game of good spirited competition. We look forward to the next match - date to be advised.

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