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TP Jones & Co Tasmanian Young Farmer of the Year 


For the first time ever, the TP Jones & Co Young Farmer of the Year Competition will be officially launched at Agfest 2019.

The launch will take place at the TP Jones & Co site (S29 - South Street)  Thursday, 2nd May at 1.30pm.

Come along, have a look and be one of the first people to submit their entry!


The first stage of the competition is the run offs which will be held at Ashgrove Farm on Sunday, 7th July with a start time of 9.00AM.

During the run offs, competitor's will complete a range of different farm based activities, scoring points along the way. 

From the run off stage, the 12 highest point scorer's will qualify for the finals at Quercus Park, Carrick on Saturday 17th August 2019.


Competitor's in the State Final will compete in 8 modules throughout the day, with the top 6 to complete the final two modules (quiz and public speaking) at the Young Farmer dinner held that evening.

The highest point scorer will then be crowned the 2019 TP Jones & Co Young Farmer of the Year!!


The entry form is available via paper form from or via electronic on the Rural Youth Website.

Remember, the competition is open to any member of the public aged 15-30.

Click here to view the Competition Terms & Conditions.

For further information, please contact Peter Damen (2019 Competition Coordinator) on 0437 361 182.

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Congratulations to WILLIAM BAXTER  who was awarded the title of 2018 TP Jones & Co Young Farmer of the Year !