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Rural Youth Provides To Our Members

Listed below is just a small snapshot of the variety of opportunities, benefits and activities of which we can provide you.

Some Opportunities are

  • Friendships that last a lifetime
  • Travel - the opportunity to apply for a Rural Youth Study Tour - interstate and internationally
  • Training (e.g.. Advanced Driver training, RSA)
  • Individual & Team competitions Young Farmer of the Year Competition

Some Benefits are

  • Free Entry to Agfest Subsidised training
  • Free accommodation and meals on site if volunteering for Agfest
  • Quarterly newsletters

Some Activities include

  • Rural Youth State Ball
  • Agfest
  • Young Farmer of the Year Competition Weekend

Study Tours

Want to travel? Think about applying for an interstate or international study tour - selections are held in July each year for travel the following year. There is a variety of opportunities to aim for.



Rural Youth have some fabulous competitions that are a highlight of our organisation's calendar. These competitions are great fun, create a positive rivalry, give members the chance to display their great skills and, of course, win trophies.