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Clubs usually meet once a month. As a member of a club, you have full voting rights on any decision made in the club and election of members to office.


Activities in a club are many and varied. They include educational opportunities, social activities, self-development activities and competitions. Clubs may become involved in running seminars or become involved with community efforts such as Relay for Life and local Agricultural Shows. What each club does is up to the members of that club, as each club formulates its' own program.


This is one of the most exciting aspects of the Rural Youth Organisation. There is a wide range of exchange trips, both interstate and overseas with countries including, but not excluded to: USA, Canada, England, Sweden or Switzerland. On all trips, exchangees are hosted by affiliated Rural Youth Organisations.

Exchangees are selected with great care as they represent both the Organisation and Tasmania. These trips are generously sponsored and are an opportunity of a lifetime for all those selected to go. 

Exchanges Available

  • USA, Canada and Sweden (2 year rotation) 3 months
  • Switzerland, Norway (2 year rotation) 3 months
  • United Kingdom 6 months
  • Young Endeavour 10-12 days

Selection of these awards is based on personality and the ability to speak – on Rural Youth and general knowledge. Assessment is made by means of interviews. Exchangees act as ambassadors for the organisation to the hosting organisation and the personal benefits of learning are enormous.


Training and development opportunities exist throughout the year, including:

  • Media training
  • Agricultural training. Eg. welding
  • Leadership
  • Various training weekends.

Members also have the opportunity to be selected and take part in other organisations' activities, representing Rural Youth at these events.
For example:

  • Country Women's Association

We also receive exchangees from countries in which we exchange with. Members from our affiliated organisations come and stay with us for period of time (usually 6 weeks through to 3 months). They spend time with our members, site seeing, helping out at members properties and spending time with helping out at Agfest.


As a member you are able to enter all competitions at club, region and state level. On a state level, there are a number of competitions run each year.
These include:

  • Debating
  • Quizzes
  • Cooking
  • Public Speaking
  • Drama
  • Shooting
  • Photography
  • Craft.

Some of these are a team effort, while others are individual competitions.

Private Heath Insurance Subsidy

Rural Youth Tasmania pays all registered Rural Youth members a 5% subsidy on the cost of Private Health Insurance. To claim your subsidy, all you need to do is send a copy of the statement you receive from your fund to the head office, and a cheque will be forwarded to you.

 In addition to the Rural Youth subsidy, St. Lukes Health is providing a further 2.5% discount to those who take out a St. Lukes Health membership – either a new membership or transfer from another fund.

St Lukes Health