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What's On Offer?

  •  Lifelong friendships

  • Travel opportunities

  • Training prospects

  • Free entry to Agfest

  • Quarterly online newsletters

  • FREE accommodation and meals if volunteering at working bees and Agfest



Activities are varied and plentiful! Clubs can run their own activities such as bowling nights, bonfires, sausage sizzles; they can host an event for the other Rural Youth clubs; you can attend an organisation run activity such as a working bee, state ball, Agfest dinner, and Young Farmer Competition. Clubs become invloved in local community events such as Relay for Life, quiz nights, and local shows.

Study Tours

One of the most exciting aspects to being a member of Rural Youth. You have the chance to apply for a trip of a lifetime to one of many exchangee programs nationally, locally or internationally. On all trips, exchangees are hosted by affilited Rural Youth Organisations in countries including USA, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden and England. You can travel from as little as two weeks up to six months! Check out previous Study Tour participants stories to get a feel for what fun you could be in for. Head over to Study Tours for more information.


As a member you are given many opportunities for training and development. This will not only enhance your Rural Youth experience but can help you on a professional level as well. Training areas include:

  • Media
  • Agricultural
  • Leadership
  • Licence Courses (EWP, Forklift etc)
  • Personal Courses (First Aid, RSA etc)


Throughout the year the Organisation holds many different competitions. These competitions can be contested as an individual or as a club. Some competitions include:

  • Shooting
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Novelty competitions (best Christmas sweater, biggest vegie)
  • Rural Roundup
  • Club Olympiad
  • Public Speaking
  • Debating
  • Quizes

Rural Youth members have the opportunity to enter into the Young Farmer of the Year competition for free! Each year the Organisation runs a Top Club award, Most Outstanding Member award, and Best New Member award each with great prizes.

Private Heath Insurance Subsidy

Rural Youth Tasmania pays all registered Rural Youth members a 5% subsidy on the cost of Private Health Insurance. To claim your subsidy, all you need to do is send a copy of the statement you receive from your fund to the Head Office, and a cheque will be forwarded to you.

In addition to the Rural Youth subsidy, St. Lukes Health is providing a further 5% discount to those who take out a St. Lukes Health membership – either a new membership or transfer from another fund.

St Lukes Health