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Rural Youth Tasmania strives to provide limitless opportunities to the limitless minds of young Tasmanias launching into life and adventure. This July has shown Rural Youth Tasmania giving multiple opportunities to members, annoucing the recipients of Rural Youth Study Tours this weekend at the formal event for the year, Rural Youth State Ball. State Ball is a formal event, much like a leaver's dinner, and just as exciting as one! The public normally see Rural Youth members in high vis vests, jeans and boots at Agfest Field Days, but this event means for many; a trip to the hairdresser for styling, dress shopping, and replacing those boots with heels! This year the State Ball was organised by the Northern Region Rural Youth members, who ran a wonderful event at the Ulverstone Surf Club. Announced at this prestigious evening are those members that have been awarded Study Tours. This year's selection day was held on Saturday July 5th. Members had to submit entry prior to this, along with a letter highlighting their study tour of choice, and why Rural Youth Tasmania should consider investing into the member and awarding them this opportunity.

Study Tours available for 2014/15 selection are; Rotary Youth Leadership Camp held in Tasmania, Self-nominated Study Tour to partake in a training course, conference or experience that would benefit the member, the Young Endeavour scholarship (sponsored by Betta), and International study tours to United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway. The United Kingdom Study Tour is sponsored by Davies Brothers Limited.

Applicants; Babette McConnon (27), Amanda Bayles (28), Phillipa Green (29) and Jake Williams (21) each went through the process of interviews, a 40 question quiz (based on knowledge of Rural Youth, Tasmania and general knowledge), a demonstration to an audience (public speaking and presentation skills), and writing a report based on a tour of Powranna. 

It is exciting to announce the 2015 Study Tours were awarded to;

  • United Kingdom - Babette McConnon
  • Young Endeavour - Jake Williams
  • United States of America - Amanda Bayles
  • Canada - Phillipa Green