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Team Members

Callie Barber

Mobile: 0438 060 016

Chloe Kemp
Vice President
Emma Roberts
Nic Moltow

Brighton Rural Youth Club was established in 1953. 

As a club we do a variety of activities, from fundraising, competitions, helping out within the community, tours, interclub activities, training courses, 4WD and anything else you can think of. If you want to try something new you'll get the opportunity with Rural Youth, as we enjoy taking on different challenges. See our contact details and give us a call now!!!

If you have any questions about the Brighton Rural Youth Club, or would like to become a member, please feel free to ring either our President Callie Barber on 0427 699 944 or the Rural Youth Tasmania's Head Office on 6331 6154 for details.

If you want to come along to a meeting, don't be worried about walking in alone, we're a friendly bunch and usually have a bbq going and have a pretty good socialise before and after meetings :)

Please feel free to contact our club President for more information on when we will be holding our next meeting.

We hope to see you at one of our club meetings or social activities.

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