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Welcome from the State President of Rural Youth Tasmania

 My name is Dale Hayers and I am the current Rural Youth State President. I first joined Rural Youth in 2007 as a seventeen-year-old. Whilst unsure what I would get out of my membership, the journey has been truly life changing for me.

In my first year as a member I completed my chainsaw licence and first aid training, increasing my employability when I finished school. I volunteered in the carparks at Agfest and have since volunteered at every Agfest since across a wide range of committee roles. A couple years later I completed my excavator licence!

The friendships I have made along the way have been terrific. I travelled to Canada in 2013 as part of the Study Tour Program where I got to spend three months living with families of the Junior Farmers of Ontario. Along the way I have learnt skills in public speaking, report writing, leadership and running meetings; all which I use on a daily basis in my job as a Civil Engineer.

Rural Youth Tasmania has clubs located in all parts of Tasmania and has a vision to Connect, Develop and Celebrate Young Tasmanians within their local community. Whilst we may be best known for our Agfest event, away from that event, members of Rural Youth are active within their local communities through the support of local shows and charity events. Rural Youth invests in its members through leadership and development programs and self-focused learning via training grants. Members have the ability to engage internationally with similar youth organisations through the Rural Youth Study Tours Program and can compete to be the Tasmanian Young Farmer of the Year Competition. This competition has a prize pool of over $30,000.

If you are aged 15-30, a membership to Rural Youth is the best investment in your future that you could make. It doesn’t matter if you are from a rural background or live in the city, Rural Youth has something for everyone. You get out what you put in!

I sincerely look forward to welcoming you as a new member.



Dale Hayers

2019 Rural Youth State President.