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Team Members

Brady Robins
Joel Watson
Vice President
Joe Burbury
Catherine Scott

Oatlands Rural Youth is an old club with solid foundations and is dedicated to its community. We usually meet at the Oatlands RSL, one Thursday of the month.

Oatlands Rural Youth club will next meet at the Old Aquatic club, Esplanade Oatlands @ 6.30pm


"Always in the middle of it!"

Oatlands Rural Youth is well known in the community for good clean fun and is well known in the Rural Youth Organisation as a club which is always involved and always having a fun time. We always have members at state functions and club parties, as well as competing in debating, drama, top teams and the Young Farmer of the Year Award.

If you live in the southern midlands area then Oatlands Rural Youth is for you - don't delay call us today!

To find out more about Oatlands Rural Youth you can speak to a real life member via our facebook page

To find out more, call or message our President Brady Robins on 0437 111 327.


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