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The Member

That is you! You are the core of the Organisation. Not all members live or work on farms, in many instances the only thing the members have in common is that they are young people with a common interest - developing themselves and others! You may be shy or outgoing; a leader or a follower; a farmer, mechanic, retail assistant, boucher, hair dresser, or teacher, it doesn't matter - there is a place for you in Rural Youth! Sign up fee is only $40.00 per 18 and over or $30.00 under 18!

The Club

Each member joins a club in their region by paying an annual fee. Each club is self-governing, they elect office bearers, manage their own affairs, and choose their own program of events and activities. Each club is different and could range from 8 to 50 members. Clubs usually meet once a month where you will have full voting rights on any decision made in the club and election of office bearers. You can share your ideas for club events or fundraising, or even activities your club want to host for the other Rural Youth clubs.