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What's Rural Youth About Anyhow?

In the first place, it's a young peoples organisation, that means it is run by young people for the benefit of young people. Membership is from 15 - 30 years and it's open to both men and women.

Are You Missing Excitement In Your Life?

Then Rural Youth is the young persons organisation for YOU. Rural Youth is an exciting organisation, which offers members a wide and varied range of events, training opportunities and social activities.

Rural Youth membership means activities, doing things, tackling a job, getting things done. Enjoyment and satisfaction and experience comes from the planning and the event itself and most of all having fun..

Membership of Rural Youth entitles you to:

  • Opportunity to belong to the best social network for young people in Tasmania
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Free Member Insurance
  • Opportunity to apply for interstate and international study tours, where fares and accommodation are provided by host families
  • Opportunity to compete in individual and team competitions which build your confidence and personal development
  • Opportunity to receive other awards, ie New Member Award and Outstanding Member award, where your prize is $1000 towards training/further development of an interest/passion
  • 75% subsidy on any approved short course or training you wish to organise for yourself, ie computer course, first aid, adult education courses, etc
  • Opportunity to access other training, either free to you or heavily subsidised, ie advanced driver training, forklift licenses, responsible service of alcohol and first aid training to name a few
  • Free entry into Agfest – Tasmania's Premier Field Days
  • Opportunity to apply to attend other field days where the cost is subsidised by the Organisation
  • Free accommodation and meals on site if you are there for a working bee or helping out at Agfest
  • 5% rebate on the cost of your private Hospital Insurance – payable on presentation of your statement from the fund
  • Opportunity to "work your way up the ladder" into management positions on the Property Management Committee and the Agfest Committee

The organisation provides its members with opportunities to travel interstate and overseas, enter State and National competitions, including the Young Farmer of the Year, learn new skills and explore individual talents.

For more information on Rural Youth contact your local club, our Office or fill in the membership form.

What do they do?

If you have browsed through the website and have gained the impressions there are very few limitations, you wouldn't be far out. But it can be summarised this way:

  • The members may not all live on farms but their common interest is the land and rural living. The members have a genuine interest in making good use of spare time, such as taking part in camps and special courses, by meeting and making friends with kindred members from other States, other countries, travel and exchange programmes, which all adds up to challenge, excitement, stimulation and plain enjoyment.
  • In a sentence the basic aim of the Organisation is "to encourage and assist rural youth to become self reliant, responsible and effective citizens".

Yes, but How?

The basic unit of the Organisation is a 'Club' containing members who live in and around the particular area. The 'Club' meets at regular intervals, mainly to plan activities for the members. it's the old story of strength through unity.