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Team Members

Josh Mison
Charli Stone
Vice President
Emily Nixon
Kashmir Taylor

Live in Tamar? Interested in Rural Youth? Tamar is the way to go!!

Meetings: Tamar Rural Youth (T. R.Y) Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month at  7:00PM The usual meeting place is Head office 62 York Street Launceston. Meetings may also be held around the Tamar Region; Rural Youth Head Office in Launceston or somewhere for dinner. 
Location and time are sent out via text a week before the meeting date.

If you're interested don't be shy! If you wish to come along to a meeting your more than welcome or even if you would just like some infomation let us know, you can contact us via call, text or even email. You can even check us out on Facebook!!

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