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The Outstanding Member award is a retrospective award (ie the winner for 2011 will be announced in 2012) and also means that no matter their age provided that they were full members for the year they were nominated. Each club is entitled to nominate one member at their AGM who has joined the Organisation in that year.

Each nominee is required to fill out a nomination form which is to be sent to Head Office before December for inclusion in the AGM packs. Feel free to change the questions but ensure that you let the current State President look at the final document before printing to ensure that they are happy with the questions being asked.

Interviews can be conducted at any time prior to the AGM dinner. You will need one set of judges to undertake these interviews. Normally allow 20-30 minutes for each interview, there are proforma judging sheets which can be found in the coming pages. A copy of the nomination form is to be given to the judges on the day.

This award is presented at the AGM dinner. If you and the judges feel it is appropriate you can award a runner up/high commended/encouragement award also.