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Woolworths Tasmanian Young Farmer of the Year Competition


Terms and Conditions of Entry

The Woolworths Tasmanian Young Farmer of the Year is a competition that tests agricultural knowledge through a variety of challenges or modules. All competitors will compete in the Run Offs where the top 10 scoring competitors will be sent to the State Final held at Quercus Park.

  1. All competitors must be aged between 15-30.
  2. All competitors must be registered.
  3. All competitors must be a Tasmanian resident.
  4. All judging decisions will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. All competitors enter at their own risk. Rural Youth Tasmania and/or event sponsors accept no responsibility for any injuries or damages incurred as a result of the competition.
  6. All competitors should be present at least 10 minutes prior to the competition advertised start time.
  7. All finalists must attend the presentation dinner until such time as the formalities are completed and the winner is announced, regardless of their position in the Competition. In the event a finalist does not do so they will forfeit any prizes they would otherwise be entitled to.
  8. Failure to comply with Competition conditions of entry and rules may result in disqualification.
  9. No refunds will be given on entry fee.
  10. Participants name will be published in all media streams.
  11. Images and/or footage taken during the competition may be used by Rural Youth Tasmania and/or event sponsors to promote the competition during the event and in the future.
  12. Rural Youth Tasmania is committed to providing a safe workplace for competitors and spectators.  All finalists must complete a site safety induction 7 days prior to the final.
  13. Animal welfare is paramount, any competitor found to be mistreating livestock or putting them at risk during the Competition will be disqualified immediately.
  14. The previous years winner may not enter the Competition in the year following their win.

State Final

In 2024 the State Final will be held at Quercus Park on 24 August. Following the Run Offs all competitors will be notified in writing if they have successfully gained a place in the State Final. Competitors in the State Final will compete in 10 modules throughout the day, with the top 5 scoring competitors to complete the final two modules, the Quiz and Public Speaking, at the Tasmanian Young Farmer of the Year Dinner held that evening.